Customized 1-1 Online Coaching Services:

Depending on your initial consultation, all or just some of these services will be necessary for you in your customized program. Grab your free consult at the button below.


1-1 Video Movement Screen

This movement screen involves a series of 12-15 exercises to assess mobility, stability, flexibility, endurance, strength, & balance. Afterwards, you're given a set of workouts to address any limitations.


Strength & Conditioning Program 

This is a customized training program, updated weekly, delivered in a private software database with specific exercise videos, reps, sets, & weights. All training sessions are tracked in the online calendar, which indicates to me your progress throughout the week.


Mindset Coaching Sessions

These mindset coaching sessions are beneficial to those who struggle with self-sabotage, lack of consistency, poor eating behaviors, poor body image, or other limiting blocks that has prevented success in the past.

1-1 Video Coaching Sessions

These coaching sessions can be used to assess & correct a movement/skill you're struggling with, as a personal training session, or as a re-assessment to ensure proper form.


Nutritional Assessment & Guidance

We initially do a 3-5 day assessment of your eating behaviors, discuss common obstacles with your diet, & then create a plan to help you achieve those nutritional goals with weekly check-ins. Note: I do not give strict meal plans.


Weekly Health Check-Ins

Each week, these health check-ins are delivered to you in a quick form to assess sleep, stress, soreness, self-talk, and more on a simple subjective 1-10 scale to assess holistic progress.

bring on the love:

I first met Jess back in 2010 when she was just starting out as a trainer. She was amazing back then, and even more amazing to see her work now! She helped introduce fitness and healthy eating into my life in a way that was easy to implement, even on a college schedule and college budget. Not only did she challenge me physically, but she improved my own standards for myself. She’s not just a trainer, she’s your teammate.
— Rebecca A.
Jess helped me get to my leanest & strongest with her online training services. Not only does she give you a personalized workout program, but the nutrition side of things was invaluable. She doesn’t prescribe meal plans, but gives you the foundation for a no-fail success. She doesn’t just tell you what to do, she coaches you through it and helps you understand the WHY. You will learn so much from this woman!
— Mark D.
As a self-confidence and body image coach, writer and a body confident photographer, I really enjoyed working with Jess Mather in her online fitness training program and I really felt her body-healthy attitude aligned with not only what I wanted to achieve with my own body but aligns with what I am working on with my clients as well. I really appreciated how she kept in contact with me throughout the program and was checking in with my progress. Jess is not “one program fits all”! I would highly recommend Jess Mather as a trainer to anyone looking to make a positive change for a healthier body.
— Morgan A.
Being a part of Jess’ coaching has been life-changing for me. Prior to starting with her, my diet was terrible, I hardly ever exercised, and my self-esteem was incredibly low. Jess encouraged me to make a major change in my diet, and her training program got me in better shape than I’ve been in years. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, but the program has been about so much more than that. She’s helped me work on my mindset to understand why fitness programs haven’t worked for me in the past. She really cares about all aspects of her client’s health and fitness, and her belief in me has given me so much confidence. I cannot recommend her coaching enough.
— Rebecca T.

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common Q&A:

Do I need a gym membership?

It is recommended, but not required. 

Can you diagnose my injury?

No, I cannot legally diagnose your injury. If needed, I will refer you out to a physical therapist, physician, or other healthcare provider to better assist you.

My schedule changes all the time. Can you work with that?

Absolutely! You train on the days that are convenient for you. No appointments necessary.

What if I'm traveling during the program?

As long as you let me know at least one week in advance, I can adjust your training so you train and travel (best of both worlds!)

What is the investment of this program?

Prices can vary depending on the services needed. If you're a FemPro, we give you a 10% discount on all coaching services.

How long does online training work for?

Minimum of 3 months, recommendation of 6 months to 12 months for best results.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes - payments can be made automatically on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.