the fempro accelerated [weeks 1-4]

Combining movement, nutrition, mindset, & coaching to cultivate a physically & emotionally stronger you.


Week 1: 

MOVEMENT: How's your posture? In this first week, we'll be practicing our posture & core stability to get you primed and ready for this month of bodyweight training.


NUTRITION: Track your food & hop into your nutritional guidebook. Follow the prompts on the next page to get started nutritionally.


MINDSET: Building Self-Responsibility & Self-Commitment. We're going to be getting really clear on our commitments & accountability to ourselves.

MOVEMENT: Ready for the real deal? We'll be doing timed body weight circuits moving forward.


NUTRITION: Learn about the Whole30. Proceed to step 2 to get started on your Whole30 journey!


MINDSET: Learning to Listen to Our Body. In this activity, we'll explore how to listen to our body's natural cues & guidance with more ease.

MOVEMENT: Are you maintaining 4 days a week? We're repeating a few workouts here, so remember to track!


NUTRITION: Are you setting any nutritional goals? If you're not following the Whole30, please put in your 1-2 nutritional goals.


MINDSET: Creating A Self-Care Routine. Creating structure around our self-care can help keep us consistent with it.