the fempro accelerated [weeks 5-8]

Combining movement, nutrition, mindset, & coaching to cultivate a physically & emotionally stronger you.


Week 5: 

MOVEMENT: It's time to pick up that kettlebell. This month, we'll be diving into some resistance training with a skilled KB practice.


NUTRITION: What are you struggling with the most? Recipes? Meal prep? Avoiding cookies? Let me know what support you need moving forward.


MINDSET: Finding Clarity in our Deepest Intentions & Desires. Why do you want what you want? And do you know what you really want?

week 6:

MOVEMENT: How was your deadlift last week? If you successfully nailed some DLs, we're moving right into swings this week. 


NUTRITION: Share what you got. Share in the group what ingredients you've been stuck with this week, & I'll show you how to make a meal out of them. PLUS: Set your nutritional goals for the week! What are you looking to accomplish?


COACHING: Let me see your skillz, girl. Kettlebell work is highly skilled, so this week, you'll have the opportunity to get some live KB coaching on our weekly call.