the fempro accelerated [weeks 5-8]

Combining movement, nutrition, mindset, & coaching to cultivate a physically & emotionally stronger you.


Week 5: 

MOVEMENT: It's time to pick up that kettlebell. This month, we'll be diving into some resistance training with a skilled KB practice.


NUTRITION: What are you struggling with the most? Recipes? Meal prep? Avoiding cookies? Let me know what support you need moving forward.


MINDSET: Finding Clarity in our Deepest Intentions & Desires. Why do you want what you want? And do you know what you really want?

week 6:

MOVEMENT: How was your deadlift last week? If you successfully nailed some DLs, we're moving right into swings this week. 


NUTRITION: Share what you got. Share in the group what ingredients you've been stuck with this week, & I'll show you how to make a meal out of them. PLUS: Set your nutritional goals for the week! What are you looking to accomplish?


COACHING: Let me see your skillz, girl. Kettlebell work is highly skilled, so this week, you'll have the opportunity to get some live KB coaching on our weekly call. 

week 7

MOVEMENT: Let's Clean it Up. You'll be learning how to do kettlebell cleans this week! 


NUTRITION: Meal Ideas + Goals. This week, I'll giving you some meal ideas to shake your food stuffs up. Plus, set your nutritional goals for the week. Remember, only 1-2 goals that you're 90%+ sure you can manage.


MINDSET: Allowing Permission. If we want to be the strong, badass women we believe ourselves to be, we need to make sure we don't have any blocks around actually stepping into that truth. This will be tapping into our self-trust, self-worth, & self-efficacy.

Week 8

MOVEMENT: You love squats, don't you? This week we're reviewing the goblet squat!


NUTRITION: What are your goals? Are you managing last weeks? What are you looking to achieve in this week?


COACHING: Back to the bell. This week, we're working on any skill that you'd like. Deads, swings, cleans, or squats.