Garlic & Onion Beef Filling

Prep time: 12-15 minutes
Pre-req: None
Cook time: ~30 minutes
Lazy Woman Status: 6/10


Serves: 4

This meaty delight is only slightly less lazy because taking fresh cilantro off it's stem is a real pain in the ass. Otherwise, it's relatively quick to chop some veggies up & put them in a pan.

This particular dish fed a group of hungry men and they were simply tickled. Some of them put this meaty filling into tortillas with added toppings like guacamole, canned black beans and salsa, and others just scooped up this deliciousness with some tortilla chips.


1lb ground beef, preferably hormone-free/grass-fed/local

1 large red or white onion

2-3 cloves garlic

Approx. a shitload of fresh cilantro

2-3 green onions

Italian seasoning


Canned black beans




Step 1. Start choppin'. Dice up the large onion, green onion, and garlic into small pieces. Get the cilantro off the stem without making a stupid mess of cilantro leaves everywhere. Your face... your hair... your clothes... No? Just me?

Step 2. While you're doing all that chopping, heat up some oil in a pan, coconut oil would work well here. Then throw in all your onions & garlic.

Step 3. Once they've been cooked through a bit, add in all your ground beef and be ferocious with your seasoning.

Step 4. Every once in awhile, you'll want to tip the pan into some sort of cup or dish to drain the fat and grease. Keep pushing around the beef until it becomes browned & smells like you're a pro in the kitchen.

Step 5. Feel free to use this as a filling with tortilla chips or wraps, or just consume on a bed of greens. Additional toppings might be guac, salsa, black beans, or corn.

Jess MatherComment