Black Bean Salad with Clementines & Avocado

Prep time: 6-8 minutes
Pre-req: None
Cook time: None
Lazy Woman Status: 7/10

Serves: 1

This exclusively veggie + bean dish is refreshingly tart, creamy, & peppery all at the same time. How you ask? Because nature, that's how. She creates all of the awesomeness that is fresh food, and then we just randomize it up in a bowl and call it a recipe. Pretty fun, right?


2-3 clementines

1/2 avocado

1/4-1/2 cup canned, drained, rinsed black beans

1 large handful of bean sprouts

5-6 cherry tomatoes


Step 1: Slice up your avocado, peel those clementines, rinse those beans. Shit's getting serious up in here.

Step 2: Throw it in a bowl & add some salt & pepper. Relish at your beautiful dish of greens, reds & oranges. Devour her.

Jess MatherComment