Pumpkin Seed & Plum Salad

Prep time: 8-10 minutes
Pre-req: Cooked chicken
Cook time: None
Lazy Woman Status: 7/10


Serves: 1

The secret to this salad is getting these deliciously tart & sweet RED plums. The purple ones are great, but these ones are SUPER GREAT. If they aren't in season for you, well, bummer. Try to sub it out with something like cherries, blackberries, or grapes. The pumpkin seeds & a sweet or tangy fruit go smashingly together.


2 small plums

1 large handful of cooked chicken

2-4TBS of canned, rinsed black beans

1-2 TBS diced red onion

2-3 TBS pumpkin seeds or "pepitas"

Large handful of spinach

1-2 TBS of olive oil or high-quality oil/dressing


Step 1: Chop up your plums & rinse those beanies.

Step 2: Add all your ingredients. Toss some oil/dressing on there. Indulge.

Jess MatherComment