April '17: How to Love Your Body Even When You Feel Like You Can't with Morgan Adams

One of the fundamental principles of The FemPro is abolishing what society deems as "beautiful" and defining our own version of beautiful. We know that a beautiful body can look like many different bodies, and we know that a healthy body can look like many different bodies. This month, we'll be featuring Morgan Adams, a Certified Life Coach with a specialized focus on body empowerment.

About Morgan Adams:

Morgan Adams, born in Toronto, Canada, is passionate about helping women feel beautiful in their own skin through coaching and body empowerment photography sessions that focus on owning their beauty and claiming their self-worth. Morgan started the Body Confident You movement to advocate for more inclusivity and diversity in society’s representation of beauty and women’s bodies.

Discussion Topic: How to Love Your Body Even When You Feel Like You Can't

In this interview, we discuss:

What to do NOW to start cultivating a self-love movement practice, even when we genuinely struggle to feel good in the skin we're in

> A daily positive mindset ritual that can help you get closer to accepting, loving & nourishing your body consistently

> Our own struggles with body image, self-esteem & the media's portrayal of "fit" and "beautiful"

> How to stop negative self-talk and re-direct ourselves to being more positive, loving & compassionate towards ourselves

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