Rooting I: Re-Programming the Subconscious Mind for Success with Kayla MacArthur

When we talk about becoming our most optimal selves, even in the context of diet and exercise, it's vital that we deeply explore our mindset & thoughts. If you've ever self-sabotaged yourself or fell victim to your excuses, this is where mindset can come in.

Over the past several weeks in Rooting I, you should have already worked through some of your limiting beliefs & how to increase your own self-motivation. In this Master Class given by Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Kayla MacArthur, we explore some new techniques & practices to really help you hone in on your biggest blocks, and bust through them time and time again.

About Kayla MacArthur:

Kayla MacArthur is a Mental Health Counselor, turned Fitness Addict & Wellness Coach, turned Real-Life Maker of Magic. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Regis College, where she graduated first in her class. After college, Kayla spent four years coaching young adults with mental illness. She is now a Mindset & Manifestation Coach + an aspiring author.

Discussion Topic: Re-Programming the Subconscious Mind for Success


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