Rooting II: Developing the Habit of Liking Yourself with Danielle Radden

Over the past few weeks in Rooting II, we've looked at some dark corners of our self-sabotage, and started to heal our relationship with guilt & shame through honoring the inevitable resistance that comes up. Appropriately, our FemPro Guest Expert this month is a Confidence Coach on the topic of "Developing the Habit of Liking Yourself" to really cement the positive, productive feelings we deserve to carry for ourselves.

In this presentation, Danielle uncovers why self-confidence is more than just what we look like, and how to truly start developing the habits necessary to achieve a higher level of self-love with the least amount effort possible. Win, win!

About Danielle Radden:

Danielle is a Confidence Coach who pulls from science-based principles due to her college education in psychology and neuropsychology. In addition, Danielle is a certified personal trainer & group trainer through NASM and AFAA. Combining her education & experience working with a variety of populations in the mental & physical world eventually led her to develop individualized, science-based programs for personal growth, specifically in the realm of confidence. Danielle uses movement, design, & interactions to train the mind and the emotions by focusing on building habits, instead of focusing solely on goals. Danielle strongly believe that confidence is about each person finding the path that is right for THEM.

Discussion Topic: Developing the Habit of Liking Yourself


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