Sprouting I: Using Self-Hypnosis to Heal Your Body & Mind

We talk a LOT about the subconscious mind in The FemPro, because we know that once we can bring self-awareness to that part of us working in the background, we can become extraordinarily limitless. We can heal, build, create, & flourish as the powerhouse women that we are.

So appropriately, I was fortunate enough to get Tammy Workman, hypnotherapist & life coach, to come on as our FemPro Guest Expert to discuss how to heal ourselves with self-hypnosis. In this presentation, Tammy will discuss the working power behind self-hypnosis (including what it is and what it isn't,) as well as taking you through a guided self-hypnosis practice. Trust me when I say you'll feel amazing after listening to this!

Mentioned Resources: The Secret Language of Feelings - Calvin D. Banyan

About Tammy Workman:

Tammy Workman is a hypnocoach, combining her skills in life coaching & hypnotherapy, with over 23 years working in human services. Tammy personally has suffered from anxiety, depression & panic, but was able to fully heal with hypnotherapy & personal development. She specializes in helping those who are looking to lose weight, create new healthy habits, & those who want to heal their relationship with their body. 


Discussion Topic: Using Self-Hypnosis to Heal Your Body & Mind

Get in Contact with Tammy Workman:

Website: http://atouchthatgivesback.com

Jess Mather