Sprouting II: Learning How to Trust Your Intuition

In The FemPro, we talked a lot about self-awareness & self-trust. In this month's guest expert feature, we'll be reviewing how to increase those two particulars by honing in on developing our intuition. This is more of a "spiritual" expert, as The FemPro deeply supports all three elements of body, mind, AND soul. We'll be reviewing:

> Why it's so important to trust your intuition

> Powerful exercises to strengthen your intuition 

> How to connect easily to our Higher Self to find more guidance in life

Mentioned Resources:

 "Happy Pocketful of Money" - Wealth Consciousness
"Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" - Mindset through Quantum Physics

About Ashley Hogan:

Ashley Hogan is an Intuitive & Empowerment Coach for women, healers, and leaders ready for their next big quantum leap. She supports her clients in connecting to their divine feminine power, magic, and truth in order to manifest their life's purpose.

Discussion Topic: How to Trust Your Intuition


Get in Contact with Ashley Hogan:

Website: ashleyhogan.com

Free FB Group: The Goddess Institute

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