So you want to be a FemPro Movement Contributor?

Excellent! We'd love to have you. However, to ensure that our movement practices protect the mission of the FemPro, we have some guidelines for submissions. Also note that some submissions are not accepted. We can be a little picky because, well, we only want the best of the best for our FemPros! Here are our basic ground rules:

What type of workouts are you looking for?
A workout that can be completed in 10-30 minutes, with minimal equipment, in a small space. Using items like kettlebells, pull-up bars, chairs, resistance bands, dumbbells, yoga blocks, yoga mats are acceptable. Using items like a squat rack, exercise machines, prowlers, ropes, or other large pieces of equipment that aren't easily accessible in a home environment are not acceptable.

Types of workouts might be yoga, movement therapy, dance, bodyweight circuits, kettlebell circuits, interval training, mobility work, movement flows, and more. Be creative!

What qualifications do I need to have in order to submit a video?
You need to be nationally certified as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, etc. and have at least two years of experience working in the field (in-person). We respect education here, so we especially look for professionals who continue to develop themselves professionally! We ask that all contributors send us an updated copy of their certification/licenses, as well as a professional resume.

What should I strive for to get my video approved?
Quality is queen! We don't want grainy, blurry, dark, or jerky videos. Ideally, set up a high-quality smart phone or other video device on a tripod with good lighting, and use a microphone for high-quality sound (voice over is acceptable as well). You should be front and center! Other participants engaging in the workout are not required. 

Prioritize explaining form well, in whatever way you feel comfortable. This might involve you just showing the exercises before the workout, or using another individual to help be your model.

We do NOT accept videos where the instructor is using negative self-talk, like, "get rid of those flabby arms!" or "come on ladies, bikini season is coming!" FemPro is a body-positive, feminist community that prioritizes movement as a means of self-care, not as a means to look "bikini-ready". 

How much do you pay?

We currently pay $.50/minute for each video. So if you submitted a 20 minute video, you'd get 10 dollars up-front, paid after submission & approval. In the future, we plan on raising the rates of submission based on growth.

How often do I get paid?

Within 24 hours of approval.

Is there a maximum amount of videos I can submit?
If you've never gotten a video accepted before, we suggest to start with just 1-2. You may submit more, however, please remember that they all might not be approved.

Am I able to re-distribute the videos I make?

Since our members pay to get exclusive content, we discourage contributors from distributing their movement videos elsewhere. If we find them elsewhere free or otherwise, we'll take those videos off of our database. 

How do I make more money?
#1. Submit more high-quality videos that get our FemPros excited to move. Feel free to offer a series of videos as well that build on top of one another.

#2. Help us build the FemPro community! The more members we have, the more videos we'll be looking for & the more money we'll be able to compensate. We love when you guys rave about us! 

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I earn?


Can I add links or text to my videos?
We add a FemPro logo to each video for branding purposes. Please do not add your own business onto the videos, or your video will be denied. You are welcome to add some text for instructional purposes.

What's the demographic for these workouts?
The videos will be delivered to females only, average age from 25-55, with a wide range of fitness levels. We encourage trainers to submit videos for various levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Do I have to talk in the video?
Yes! Please be engaging and let the audience know what's going on. You can view our current videos to get an idea of what we like.

Can I play music in the video?
To respect copyright violations, you may not use music you don't have the right to use. However, you are welcome to add your own music to the videos. Just make sure it's not so loud that we can't hear you talk!

How do I submit the video?
You will submit the video in 720HD as an .mpg file. Alternatively, you can upload the video on your Youtube channel, set it to "unlisted", and send us the video link.

Can I take my videos down?
Absolutely. Just let us know which one(s).

Want to submit?

Email us directly at with the following information for EACH individual video:

Your name

Phone number

Website & business

Date you recorded the video

Length of video

Type of video (bodyweight, yoga, etc)

Level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced)


Video sent at 720HD as an .mpg file OR uploaded on your YouTube channel as "unlisted" (send us the link).

Professional resume, including any relevant continuing education and/or experience.

Thank you!