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Your workouts should not destroy you.

There's a better way to do fitness. Let us show you how.


Intentional Strength is a virtual 12-week course for individuals who want to get strong and feel good in their bodies without doing draining and exhausting workouts.

We follow proven training protocols that have been used successfully on hundreds of individuals to help them become incredibly strong, decrease nagging aches & pains, and drastically improve how their body feels and functions with less effort.


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I would say this is required for everyone. It’s a shame this isn’t being taught in schools so we could avoid unnecessary damage.
— Tammy W.


Are you a good fit for Intentional Strength?


#1. You're motivated to train. Since this is a self-paced course, we won't be keeping tabs on you as often as we do with our 1-1 services.

#2. You're willing to learn. It's crucial you have a "student" mindset with this program. You will walk away with a lot of knowledge about how to do this whole fitness thing way better (and easier).

#3. You want sustainable & flexible fitness. You're not interested in fitness burn-out anymore. You want your training to compliment your life and body.

#4. You want your body to feel better. Aka decrease your aches & pains, move with much greater ease, and become resilient, strong and mobile.

#5. You want to be able to train from home. ...And not spend an hour at a gym 4-6 days a week.

#6. You don't have any serious physical limitations or pain. If you do, you'd be better off with our 1-1 services.

#7. You want faster & easier results. Effectiveness is our game with Intentional Strength.

As a former LMT with a PTA degree, I thought I at least had the basics and the rest I learned from countless articles and YouTube videos. Fast forward, the weight came off, cholesterol is beautiful so I went beast mode. Then I hit a wall.....HARD! Injuries popping up left and right. My progress stalled and I was gassed and beat up. So I decided to make the investment and started working with Jess. It has been life changing! I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Light bulbs went off all over the place. No video, article, or gym buddy of mine has ever explained how to properly move, engage my muscles, or channel my energy properly the way she has. I highly recommend her programs! If you are like me and hit a wall, no matter how long you’ve been in the gym, call Jess! If you are just starting out, definitely call Jess! I wish I would have had this knowledge years ago. I would have saved myself so much pain and frustration. Thank you Jess! I sincerely appreciate you and I’m so thankful for you!
— Elizabeth T., Certified Personal Trainer
I learned from you that you have to understand yourself and your body, understand how they work. And with that knowledge, you can actually get much stronger and fitter even if you’re not in your 20’s anymore. This isn’t about ego, it’s knowledge-based strength. It’s like a yoga-version of strength.
— Brian M., business owner
I was really impressed by the amount of education & detail Jess puts into her programs. I’ve been working on rehabilitating my body from its scoliosis curvature, and she was fantastic about giving me exercises and making sure I was doing them correctly so that I can continue strengthening what I need to balance my body.

I feel I have a much better connection with my body, its movement, its messages, and I have taken the next step into making sure healthy movement and body balance is part of my lifestyle and not just a quick session at the gym.
— Tabitha J., massage therapist


What you get:


#1. Weekly interactive & instructional modules. You'll learn the crucial fundamentals for a strong core, mobile hips, healthy feet, & stable shoulders with body weight and skilled kettlebell training (this stuff is the stuff I wish I knew before I got injured and burned out in my training!)

#2. 12-week at-home training program. Check the video nearby to see what your program will look like in your private training dashboard.

#3. Three 1-1 coaching sessions. These sessions are where all the light bulbs go off. Check the video nearby to see what movement coaching looks like.

#4. Bonus training videos. These mini lessons cover the "secrets" I coach all of my 1-1 students to shortcut their strength and fitness and make their body feel amazing.

#5. Interactive 75-min posture workshop. This workshop will change everything you thought you knew about "good posture".

#6. Exclusive access to on-going training. If you fall in love with Intentional Strength, you'll have access to a low-cost monthly training program exclusive to successful IS graduates.

Phase I: Core & Breath

Phase II: Hips & Feet

Phase III: Shoulders, Wrists & Elbows

Phase IV: Integration

Phase V: Kettlebell Deadlift

Phase VI & VII: Kettlebell Swing

Phase VIII: Single-Arm Swings

Phase IX: Single-Arm Clean

Phase X: Single-Arm Press

Phase XI: Single-Arm Squat

Phase XII: Integration

I have gotten way more toned in my body just in the four weeks of doing your program than I did doing [Beachbody] Insanity. Even more important than that, my body FEELS BETTER.

After doing Insanity for a few months it was hard to wake up in the mornings because my muscles would be so sore and fatigued!
— Sietske M.


This is the same content that my 1-1 students pay thousands for. 

But I wanted to give access to those who wanted to step into their strength without the higher price tag. This course will empower you with the fundamental skills, techniques & knowledge that will equip you to pursue all of your physical endeavors with more ease, enjoyment, strength and endurance.

Two payments options:

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