The FemPro

Give your body the gift of strength.


It's time for you to show your body the love she deserves.


You want to be more active. We’re biologically wired to move but work, stress, or even trauma can impact our activity levels… And we feel it. It impacts our mood, our energy, & even our productivity.

You want to feel, look, and be strong. You realize that life feels a lot harder when you’re weak, and you’re tired of that struggle. You want to actually feel strong & stable in your body.


You’re not taking care of your body like you know you should be. You ignore it, resist it, fight it, argue with it. It kills you that you’ve been treating yourself like this for so long.


You don’t feel comfortable with how you look. You feel bummed out when you look at yourself in the mirror. That lack of confidence shows in your relationships, work, & how you present yourself to the world.

You feel stiff, achy, or uncomfortable in your body most of the time. Knees are cranky. Back is temperamental. Neck is always sore. You body feels older than it should be.



You want to fall in love with your body. Perhaps you’ve never put it that way, but deep in your soul, you want to love on your body unconditionally. You want to treat her well, celebrate her, & respect her.


Your struggle ends here.

Your body deserves to feel like home.

Your body deserves to feel & look STRONG.

Your body deserves to move with grace.

Your body deserves to be healthy.

Your body deserves to feel & look SEXY.

Your body deserves to be intimately YOURS.

Your body deserves to be HONORED & TREATED.

Many of us move through life without feeling deeply connected & at home in this physical vessel. We ignore it. Stuff it quiet with food. Stay sedentary because the idea of getting into movement feels too overwhelming. We get achy, stiff, sluggish. We become distracted by life demands, feeling the pressure to put everybody & everything before our sacred connection to self.

We try to make a change, but then slip back into old habits, creating a continual cycle of "I can't do this". It weakens the integrity we have towards ourselves, continuing to make us feel discouraged & hopeless.

It's time to finally make a sacred commitment to your body.


The nuts & bolts of The FemPro:


At Home Training Program

You'll have access to an easy to follow strength & mobility program that is crazy flexible for any busy schedule. This program will help you become a "Student of Body" as you learn how to improve joint health, increase your flexibility, and get stronger than you ever thought possible (from home!) The program is delivered through an intuitive app so you can take your training wherever you go.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

Every month, you'll be get a 1-1 video coaching session so you can get the private support & accountability you need to succeed. While most coaching sessions involve assistance with a particular movement pattern or working around an injury or pain, we can also use your session for nutritional or mindset support. 

Small Group Coaching Sessions

If you're struggling to get your training in, you can always get additional accountability & coaching through small group video coaching sessions (max of 5 people). These are offered twice a week for an additional charge, with a discount for FemPros.

Live Movement & Mindset Classes

Twice a month, we'll be doing a live class on a video conference on a wide variety of topics like how to decrease low back pain, how to improve your body love, how to naturally increase your energy, and more. You'll get a chance to vote on the topics each month so you're getting the exact resources & support you need throughout your journey. All classes are recorded & archived in your dashboard if you can't make them live.

Mindset Mastery Tools

We know that the body only goes where the mind allows it. In The FemPro, you'll have access to a variety of mindset tools to help you bust through blocks keeping you stuck. We focus on the "subconscious" in this area, the part of your brain that's making most of your decisions in daily life. 


By design, humans operate best in "packs". We're stronger together, without a doubt. Having a community of women moving towards the same goal, with the same struggles, is enormously refreshing when you've always felt like you've had to deal with this on your own. When shit gets tough, you know your FemPros are in your corner.

I want you to try this with me... 

Enter The FemPro.

The FemPro stands for Courageous Female ("fem" for female & "pro" for prowess, or distinguished bravery), and our FemPros embody just that. The FemPro is a deep & powerful group coaching program to help you reclaim your strong, healthy, mobile, confident self who has been waiting to be unleashed.

The woman who feels grounded & strong in her body.

The woman who feels delicious in her skin.

The woman who knows & understands her body deeply.

The woman who carries incredible self-respect for herself.

The woman who celebrates & loves her body daily.

The woman who is ready to be seen & take up space.

The woman who is secure in how she looks.

The woman who knows health is her very foundation.

The woman who knows she is a courageous woman, a FemPro.


Apply to be a FemPro.

We're choosy about who we allow into The FemPro because we want to make sure every Fem is successful. If you're interested in applying for a limited position, please fill out the form below & we'll be in touch within 48 hours.



“I don’t have any time!”

Your time commitment will be about 20-40 minutes, 3-4 days per week of structured movement, at home, using space the size of a yoga mat. The training is flexible enough where you can do 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there, back to back sessions, etc. Group classes will be 30-40 minutes twice a month, but you can always catch the recording later. Your 1-1 coaching session will take 45 minutes, once a month. On top of that, we encourage you to spend a couple hours a week getting in some mindset work (personal development is our jam here), getting outside & playing, and connecting with the other women in The FemPro community.


“Nothing else has ever worked for me.”

Most programs that prioritize our body just focus on physique (and typically with really exhausting training & diet protocols). Instead, we’re focusing on body and mind, since we know the body only goes where the mind allows it. Second, we emphasize sustainability (because we want to see you busting out push-ups even as a grandma,) & we emphasize self-efficacy (because we believe in being lifetime Students of Self). If you're still not sure if this will work for you, contact us below.


“My schedule is crazy. What if I can’t make the classes or get the training in each week?”

No biggie. All classes will be recorded & archived when you're ready, and you have 24/7 access to all of your training in your dashboard (even if you miss a week).


“I haven’t worked out in awhile, what if the workouts are too hard?”

The workouts are designed to go at your pace. Whatever you can do, just do that. You’re only “competing” against yourself. In addition, your training will feel more therapeutic in nature as you learn how to connect to your core, feet, hips, & shoulders in a way you likely haven't done before.


“I feel like I won't be able to hold myself accountable.”

Don't worry, that's what we're here for. While the program is more self-paced (which is by design because we all move at different speeds), you'll have myself & the other FemPros keeping you on track. You'll have weekly accountability in the group, bi-weekly classes to attend, the option for small group coaching sessions, and even a 1-1 coaching session at the end of the month where we'll review you're at, make sure you're moving at the pace you want to, and set goals going forward.


“I don't have a gym membership..."

Neither do we. We require a band, and at least two kettlebells (which aren't even necessary until four weeks in). The band is $25 on Amazon, and the kettlebells will cost you around $1/lb (we suggest a 15lb & 25lb bell for beginners). 



It's time to give back to your body.


Why The FemPro?


Body Positivity.

We love bodies in The FemPro, all of them. We don't talk about "bikini bodies" or "six pack abs". If you're looking to get super ripped, this isn't for you. If you're looking to be functionally strong, vibrant, fall in love with your body, & look like your best version of sexy, then that's us. 


We want to be badass grandmas doing push-ups & back squats. Or at the very least, not be hunched over a walker. The FemPro is all about learning how to move, strengthen & heal the body so we can be mobile for decades.

Qualified Coach.

You're not working with an "Instatrainer" in The FemPro. With over 8 years of experience in both fitness & physical therapy working with hundreds and hundreds of individuals, plus over 12 years of personal experience in movement, nutrition & health, you can trust your coach is qualified.


The fitness industry loves fads & trends. In The FemPro, you'll learn the Bare Basics on how to move well, get strong, eat well, & generally feel more awesome about yourself. Wash, rinse, repeat (for life). 


Why the kettlebell?

Fat Loss + Muscle.

The bell, when used properly, has this magic ability to put muscle in all the right places, & lose fat in all the right places. No "arm/leg/back/bicep/toe" training days. Just move the bell 3-4x/week, and your body will respond favorably (promise).


You won't need a gym membership if you buy 2-3 kettlebells, a band, & a pull-up bar (and the last two are optional). Bells are wildly convenient, fairly portable, and you can get a lot of work done in a short period of time (we love efficiency, don't you?)


Once you learn how to master your bell, these movements will be able to serve you for life safely. We've coached grandmas in their 60s & 70s to swing 24kg (53lb) kettlebells & perform kettlebell deadlifts with 56kg (124lbs) for reps. Yes, we know our clients are awesome.


We really emphasize strength in The FemPro. Most women hang with the 5-10lb weights, but we start everybody at 25lb (yes, you can do it). It's not uncommon for a kettlebell-trained woman to press 16kg (35lb) with one arm & deadlift 48kg (106lb) for multiple reps. You have more potential than you think.



Why not hire a PT at the gym?



If you hired a personal trainer at 3x/week, you would be paying upwards of $720 per month (on the low-end), on top of a gym membership. In addition, you would solely get the training (& usually would bounce between trainers because commercial gyms have a high turn-over rate since they pay their trainers peanuts). You get more "bang for your buck" with The FemPro, hands-down.


Getting ready to head to the gym takes time. Scheduling somebody to watch your kids takes time. Driving to the gym takes time. Meeting with somebody at a specific time several times a week takes time. Time is one of our most valuable assets, why waste it fumbling around getting to a gym? 


The FemPro isn't simply "personal training". In fact, we cringe to even put it in the same category as many other online "fitness" programs because it just doesn't feel like conventional fitness. In one word, The FemPro has depth. It has layers, heart, education, community, like-mindedness. We have intention here.

Sketchy Quality.

There's an extremely low barrier of entry to be a personal trainer. You can take a certification in a weekend, which basically teaches you how not to kill somebody with exercise. While there are amazing coaches out there, most of them won't be working at your local commercial gym because their value is too high & they'll leave to go private (which will cost you).  


Why Jess?

Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta, is an international movement professional with nearly eight years of experience supporting hundreds upon hundreds of individuals heal their body through strength & movement. From working with individuals from 9 to over 99, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's incredible ability to adapt & heal regardless of circumstance.

Jess has been working as an online coach for over three years with a specialization in serving women who want to strengthen, connect, & improve their relationship to their body. When a woman can fall in love with her body, she gains an inner strength & self-respect that is irreplaceable & invaluable to how she presents herself in the world.


Claim your body back.

Love your body back.

Limited spots available. If we don't have space at this time, we'll put you on a waiting list. Please allow up to 48 hours to be contacted.