Get your notebooks out, ladies.

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Battling Your Insecurities. Do you struggle to release insecurities that are keeping you stuck? Need help moving closer to self-love?

Forgiveness to Self. Do you hold onto guilt about your past mistakes or decisions? Do you struggle to forgive yourself & find closure?

Jealousy Toward Other Women. Do other beautiful women make you green with envy? Do you feel bad about yourself around them?

Accepting Praise. Do you struggle to accept love or compliments? Do you always undermine or under appreciate yourself? 

Fear of Gaining Weight. Is your worst fear extra weight on your body? Do you go to excessive means to maintain your weight?

Limiting Beliefs.

relationships & intimacy

Accepting My Partner As Is. Do you find yourself constantly wanting to "change" your partner? Get real about it here.

Forgiving A Partner. Did your partner hurt you, but you have trouble letting it go? Even if you already left that relationship, finding forgiveness can still be therapeutic. 

My Partner Won't Get Help. Does your partner have an unhealthy habit or addiction that's causing them or you pain?

Struggling to Connect. Are you struggling to network & connect with others? Whether current loved ones or with new friends?

Feeling Like I'm Being Taken for Granted. Do you feel like you're giving 75% and the other person is only contributing 25%?

Forgiving Myself. Have you been a not-so-great partner in the past, but have trouble letting go of that guilt? Guilt doesn't do us any good. Here's some help to let that go.

Not Fulfilled in Relationship. Do you not feel like you're getting everything and then some from the relationship?

money & success

Consistent Struggle to Make Enough Money. Are you constantly trying to make more money, but you just can't seem to get here? These prompts might help you figure out why.

Unhealthy Spending Habits. Do you struggle to get a grip on your finances? Lack the ability to save?

Fear of Success. Are you worried about what success will mean for you? Are you afraid of the impact it might have on your life? We understand.

Constantly Feeling Like There's Never Enough. Are you constantly obsessed about your financial situation, even if you're doing okay?

diet & exercise

Lack of Consistency With Diet or Exercise. Do you always make up excuses why you can't stick with a diet & exercise plan? Are you either completely "on" or "off" the wagon?

Self-Sabotage. When it comes to eating well + moving regularly, do you sabotage yourself when things get going well?

Building Positive Habits. What habits do you need to release, and which ones do you need to gain in order to move forward?

Loathe Exercise. Have you always had a poor relationship with exercise? Never really could get into it? Let's figure out how we can overcome that.

Trusting the Process. Are you hesitant to go all in because you don't think you can do it? Do you need more trust in the process?

purpose & passion

Lack of Passion. Have you always struggled to find or cultivate your true passion?

Lack of Family/Friend Support for My Passion. Do the people around you doubt you or keep you down?

Lack of Inspiration. Is your inspiration all dried up? Are you struggling to produce or create?