KB Instructional Videos

Need a form check?

$60/45 minute session. Sessions are coached by owner & operator of The FemPro, Jess Mather.

TITLE: All About Posture  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 6:55  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: None

We're starting from the ground up all the way to the top of the head in this posture & breathing instructional video to help stack and spare your joints. 

TITLE: All About the Deadlift  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 8:49  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

The kettlebell deadlift is a powerful movement that helps you learn the swing, clean, & other kettlebell exercises. Learn the basics of this hip-dominant movement here.

TITLE: All About Cleans  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 6:48  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

Cleaning a bell just means getting it up off the floor. Learn how to do the goblet clean and single-hand clean in order to prep you for squats, presses, and more.

TITLE: All About the Squat  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 4:14  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

Learn all about how to do a healthy kettlebell squat here, including different variations to help you become skilled & proficient in a variety of squatting patterns.

TITLE: How to "Tame" the Single-Arm Clean  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 2:32  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

Learn how to stop banging up your wrists with single-arm cleans with quick and efficient technique fixes.

TITLE: Common Errors In The Bridge To Sweep  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 1:47  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

Get more stable in your TGU bridge to sweep with these small shifts in foot and hand placement.

TITLE: All About the RKC Plank  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 5:31  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: None

Learning how to properly engage your core is imperative for a safe kettlebell practice. Learn how to brace your core in this instructional video on all things RKC plank.

TITLE: All About the Swing  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 8:00  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

The swing is an advanced, technical movement that can requires some practice, diligence & consistency. Learn the basics of a powerful & efficient swing here.

TITLE: All About the Press  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 3:54  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

Pressing things over your head is a safe, functional movement we should all learn how to do properly. Here's how to test to see if your shoulders are healthy enough to press, & how to do it.

TITLE: How to Deal With Calluses in Your Kettlebell Training  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 3:30  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: None

Learn how to manage your calluses in your kettlebell training and learn why they're actually a normal & healthy part of your practice. 

TITLE: Avoid Back Pain in the Kettlebell Deadlift  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 1:24  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell

Learn how to clean up your deadlift so you can reduce low back pain and increase stiffness in your truck.

TITLE: How to Increase Your Weights With Kettlebells  LEVEL: Beginner  DURATION: 3:29  COACH: Jess Mather  EQUIPMENT: None

Learn how to safely incorporate heavier bells into your training without risking injury or technical breakdown.