Lemon Tuna Toast with Bean Sprouts

Prep time: 5-8 minutes
Pre-req: None
Cook time: None
Lazy Woman Status: 7/10

Serves: 1

Sandwiches are okay, but open-faced sandwiches are even better because then you can stuff more fillings on top and not have them explode all over your plate instead of in your mouth. With this variation, we used Udi's gluten free bread. Not sensitive to gluten? Great, we'd recommend something like Ezekiel's bread or a similar sprouted or fermented type to help with digestion & nutrition. 


1 bag of lemon pepper flavored tuna

1-2TBS of lemon herb aioli (I used Stonewall Kitchen brand)

2 slices bread

6-8 diced baby tomatoes

Small handful of bean sprouts

1/2-1 TSP coconut oil


Step 1: Toast up that bread on a pan with a little oil, or hey, in a toaster if you're all fancy.

Step 2: Dress your toast with some aioli. Be generous because it's delicious.

Step 3: Top with tuna, diced tomatoes & bean sprouts. Delish!

Jess MatherComment