Honey Mustard Tuna Salad

Prep time: 8 minutes
Pre-req: None
Cook time: None
Lazy Woman Status: 7/10

Serves: 1

There's a hidden surprise in this salad... And that surprise is mango. But it felt weird calling it a mango & tuna salad. Or a honey mustard mango & tuna salad (I just literally typed tango instead, could it be a Honey Mustard Tango Salad?) And who would have thought honey mustard and mango would go pretty damn well together? This is what happens when I run out of food in the house and I literally have to play with just the remaining ingredients. Not the worst outcome, I'll tell you that.


1 can albacore tuna

2 roma tomatoes

1-2 TBS diced onion

1 mango 

1/2 avocado

1 small handful of walnuts

2 handfuls of arugula

1-2 TBS Brianna's Honey Mustard Dressing


Step 1: Hate life as you chop up your mango. Get juice everywhere & make a horrible mess. Rip the rest of the fruit flesh from the pit (because we know you can't get all of it off with a knife) and get all of the little mango slivers stuck in your teeth. Feel good that at least you have maybe a few cubes of mango for your salad. 

Step 2:  Chop up your tomatoes & onions & avocado.

Step 3: Combine tuna on a bed of your arugula with the remaining veggies & mango. Add dressing & walnuts as needed. Feel sad that there isn't more mango. ALWAYS NEED MORE MANGO.

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