Commit to 2-3 hours per week.

Consider this time investment in The FemPro a vital part of your self-care & personal development.

Have a desire to build self-efficacy.

We want you to be as self-efficient & sustainable as possible with your self-care & health routine.

Have a wholehearted interest in being better.

We want you to want this. We want you to fall in love with your goals. And then get after them.

Be open to investing in some additional tools.

We'll need you to pick up at least 2-3 kettlebells and/or join a gym membership to get your movement in.

Have a willingness to stay open-minded.

We ask that you move through The FemPro with an open mind, curiosity, & a desire to play.

Don't spread the negativity. 

The FemPro breeds a supportive environment, not doom & gloom. Negativity isn't welcomed.