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Fact: If you want to get stronger, build muscle, & become a more resilient being, you have to learn how to move & lift safely and progressively. When you first joined as a member, you should have received a sign-up link to your email (the one you used to sign-up as a FemPro) with Trainerize. This is where you will be accessing all of your training. If you can't find that email, reach out below.


Your weight lifting program will require gym access, or these pieces of equipment by week 3:

Beginner: 15lb & 25lb Kettlebell

Intermediate: 20lb & 35lb Kettlebell

Advanced: 25lb & 45lb Kettlebell

Elite: 35lb+ & 55lb+ Kettlebell

All Levels: Heavy Resistance Band (we suggest THIS one)


NOTE: The lighter weight is for upper body work, the heavier weight is for lower body work. If you're "owning" the movement & have unbelievably solid form, you're always welcome to increase the weight. Not sure if your form looks solid? Need an alternative to one of the exercises? Need some 1-1 attention? Sign up below for a 50 minute video coaching session for the FemPro discount at $54.

≤30min Movement Play Videos:

Supplement your strength training program with some movement play on your rest days anywhere from 1-3x/week. These sessions should not interfere with your recovery. Play & experiment with them! Have something in particular you'd love to see? Send us your request below.


Perfect for a little movement quickie with kettebells, bands, or just your bodyweight for all things strength & conditioning. 

Get back into your body with yoga flows blended with some deep breath work & meditation.


Movement can be wildly therapeutic; see how with this series that focuses on posture, mobility, and flexibility.

pexels-photo (5).jpg

Want to contribute your own movement videos to the FemPro database?

Move, dance, connect with your body in this beautiful compilation of movement flows & movement therapy.