The FemPro

Strength heals.


The FemPro specializes in movement-based coaching to serve individuals who are physically restricted in some capacity from pain, trauma, neglect, over-use, or weight. We help clients restore their strength & mobility so they can physically express themselves however they please while honoring the body they live in.


"It’s downright robbery.

Downright robbery to live in a body that doesn’t feel like ours. Robbed by pain, physical limitation, cultural pressures, trauma or neglect.

A body that feels eternally violated from forces we see outside our control. A robbed body that stimulates fits of loathing, frustration, the desire to shove that shit right under the rug.

A robbed body that feels dis-empowered, deflated, diseased.

We may feel rightfully robbed, but the perpetrator never deserves to hold our power.

We can’t allow ourselves to become immobilized. We may be robbed, we may have lost, we may have grieved and we may have fought harder than we’ve ever fought before.

The fight will only end when we choose to take back what was always ours, and will always be ours.

Our power, our strength, our spirit. The elements that make up the very breath of our rebirth.

Take it all back, take it all in. Remembering that our strength is always, forever, ours to come home to."

Read more in The Expressions of Strength Musings.


Coaching Options:


Live 1-1 coaching via webcam with customized & principle-driven exercise programming. Best for individuals who have a physical limitation, chronic pain, or a past injury that require specialized attention and immediate feedback to achieve pain-free strength & mobility. We pull from multiple disciplines like physical therapy, osteopathic medicine, psychology, and skilled kettlebell instruction.


12-week virtual course with 1-1 coaching, instructional modules, and a strategic at-home bodyweight & kettlebell training program. Best for individuals who want to stop beating up their bodies in their workouts and approach their training with mindfulness, intention and skill so they can move with strength and ease for life.

Are you also a body professional?

We're currently teaching body-oriented professionals who want to grow their own thriving practices while staying in deep integrity with what they do. We address multiple areas of business development such as content creation, lead generation, marketing and closing strategies, mindset coaching, business model restructuring, technology training, and course or program development to build a growing, profitable business that allows you to serve more people, make a greater impact, and generate more revenue. 


Free Content:


Live & candid conversations with various professionals on the many circumstances where our strength is required. We cover topics from speaking the truth in our relationships, to being a leader in our body, to the risk we take when we embrace our authentic self. 


Short musings on the body, strength, movement, autonomy, empowerment, authenticity and mindset. These articles are written short and direct to inspire us to take a better look at our desires, struggles, fears and opportunities. 



Meet your coach.

Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta, Sfg is an internationally-known movement professional with over eight years of experience supporting hundreds upon hundreds of individuals heal their body through strength & movement. From working with clients from 9 to over 99, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's incredible ability to adapt, strengthen and heal regardless of circumstance.

Jess has been working as an online coach for over three years with a specialization in pain management, skilled kettlebell work, and body awareness techniques. She stands for the physical autonomy and physical liberation of all individuals so they can live empowered, unrestricted lives.

"Honor your body & it will honor you."