Your strength and mobility are your lifelines to greater body opportunity — to experience a wider range of positions and pleasures from the rocks to the dance floor to the bedroom to the sea.

Giving my body the gift of strength didn’t always come easy because it felt more like an insensitive and disembodied grind. I didn’t know the skill of pace and yield in a strength program that gives more than it takes. I didn’t know the concept of “therapeutic strength” until I coined it.

I got lost in the process — forgetting why I showed up to the iron week after week. Muddled by numbers and measurements that skewed the greater objective.

The simple yet powerful objective to unlock greater depths of physical & emotional freedom. To unpack the heavy baggage of body insecurity and the constraints of chronic pain.

To feel free in this body where I couldn’t help but experience deep, daily gratitude and an unwavering inner confidence because of the relationship built. That is magic. That is bliss. That is crying in pleasure because it feels so good to be alive in this flesh. Access it. It is yours to also experience.

Jess MatherComment