your nutritional framework.

You wanna know a secret? If your goal here in The FemPro Accelerated is fat loss, you can literally do that just by dietary changes alone. Lifting weights is great for maintaining or building muscle so you look strong, diet is great for maintaining or losing body fat so you look lean. Coupled together, and you're in for a win/win.


Step 1: Track Your Foods.

This is wholly annoying & tedious, but by the end of it, you'll be glad you did. For 3-5 days or more, I want you track your "normal eating". While I do want you to measure your food (eyeballing doesn't quite cut it here), I want you to be honest as possible. Don't eat less or more because you think you "should". This gives us a clear idea of where you currently are at, which can provide us information on moving forward. You're not required to use the food tracker below (Fat Secret), so use one that best suits you, as long as you can easily see calories & macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein).

You should have received an email to join Fat Secret Professional. Please track your foods using that software.


Step 2: Approach a low-inflammation, gut-healthy diet.

While I don't condone the whole "super strict" thing when it comes to diet, a 28-day stint of seriously healthy, gut-happy foods can be really worth the effort. Again, this is all about bringing self-awareness to how we eat, and how that affects us physically, mentally & emotionally. I've found that the Whole30 diet, co-founded back in 2009 by my physical therapist, has been one of the most powerful & achievable for most. Yes, it's strict. Yes, you will be crabby for a bit. Yes, it won't be easy. But if you stick with it for the full four weeks here, I can promise you good things are going to happen for you. Promise. The link below will have meal plans, shopping lists, and more.


Step 3: Really clean up that gut (really).

In step 2, we discussed getting on board with a low-inflammatory, gut-healthy diet. But for many, sometimes that just isn't enough. Download the PDF in regards to some other healthy bacteria foods and drinks that can super-charge your belly for happy digestion & free-flowing toilet time.


Step 4: Step by step by step...

Now, if this all sounds crazy overwhelming to you, let's break it down step by step. If the idea of going full-out Whole30 freaks you out, start with 2-3 small goals per week. Some examples might be:

> Stop drinking soda.

> Eat protein at every meal.

> Eat three vegetables a day.

The important thing to note here is that you can't add on any more goals until you've mastered the previous ones for at least 7 days, with no slip-ups. We're adding success onto success. 

Again, don't add more goals if you haven't mastered last week's!

With that said, make the goals as lofty or small as you'd like. Just make them realistic so that you're at least 90-95% sure that you're going to ace them. And then bring it 100%. At the button provided, fill out your 1-3 goals. You'll get an email with your entry, and I'll have it as well to hold you accountable.