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We've been sold a lie.

Look through any women's health magazine and you'll see pages upon pages of "body sculpting workouts". We're told to do "toning" exercises like arm circles, fire hydrants, and back extensions on the floor that reportedly “burn the most stubborn body fat in mere weeks.” We rip these workouts out of our magazines expecting to achieve the lean, strong physique like the woman on the page.

Except it’s all bullshit.

It’s all marketing to make you believe only lifting a couple of 2lb weights are going to yield “long, shapely muscles” (which, by the way, muscles cannot get “longer”, they are fixed structures attached to bone). Because they know this sells.

But it’s bullshit.

And because it’s bullshit, we don’t get results, and then feel like we are the failure.


Your body requires more stimulus than a couple light booty pump exercises on the floor if you’re really looking to change your strength & change your physique.

Recognize your strength.

Recognize your potential. I can guarantee you that learning how to actually get strong + learning how to move well will give you far, far more benefit than just changing your physique (although your physique will change positively, too).

I have experienced it. I have seen it. I have taught it.

Now it's your turn.

"Strength has a greater purpose."


The FemPro Online Training is an on-going, month to month program to facilitate a woman's pursuit of strength through skilled kettlebell & bodyweight training. Each participant becomes a "student", incrementally mastering how their body moves & functions by building incredible body awareness and presence in their practice.

We replace the old paradigms on "workouts" & "exercise" which are typically focused on going harder, faster, and longer that leave us burned out, unmotivated, or injured. By practicing skilled strength, our practice becomes therapeutic in both body & mind. We can experience a greater level of compassion, mindfulness & patience for our body. We begin to experience more safety, freedom & ease in movement again. We learn what it feels like to find pleasure in movement, pleasure in the pursuit of strength.


Tour The FemPro Online Training:

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Jess Mather has successfully completed 30 hours of kettlebell training & instruction, successfully completed the course requirements, passed the tests and is certified as an SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I. 

Jess Mather has successfully completed 30 hours of kettlebell training & instruction, successfully completed the course requirements, passed the tests and is certified as an SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I. 




24/7 access to your bodyweight & kettlebell training program available on PC, Mac or mobile in an easy to use app. Track, schedule & share your sessions.


Every 12 weeks, get a complimentary 1-1 live video coaching session to review how you're moving & where we can progress you. 


Unlimited access to training videos & workshops to help you increase your posture, move better, and become stronger physically and mentally.


Ask for feedback, find an accountability partner, or get help in a private support community for FemPro online training students only.


Special Bonuses:


Free access to a live beginner kettlebell workshop (no bells required) to help give you the foundation for bell success.


You'll have opportunities to win free months, kettlebells, workshops, 1-1 coaching sessions, and more.


Look out for live group coaching where you can hop online to get immediate feedback on your movement.


Kettlebell Requirements:

No kettlebell yet? No problem. You won't need a bell until week 5. Want to get prepared early? Below are a listing of sizes, weight recommendations, & pricing. We recommend one smaller bell for upper body, and one larger bell for lower body. After about three months or so, you'll likely be ready for a heavier bell. However, we recommend keeping all of your bells as we often refer back to lighter weights for new drills or to practice technique.


8kg/15lb: Upper Body

12kg/25lb: Lower Body


12kg/25lb: Upper Body

16kg/35lb: Lower Body


16kg/35lb: Upper Body

20-24kg/45-55lb: Lower Body

Price options above reflect a more affordable bell. If you want a higher quality bell that will feel better in your hands, we recommend a cast iron bell with no vinyl coating in kilograms. Good brands are Ader, Kettebells USA, Rogue, or Perform Better.

Join risk-free for 30 days.

If you join The FemPro, track your training in Trainerize for the full 30 days and still aren't satisfied, we'll refund you for the month.

Recurring billing of $50 will be every 4 weeks. Cancel at anytime right inside your account.


Strength is your best friend.

Strength is our foundation for every other physical activity that we do. If we are not strong, stable, & can control ourselves under load, everything else becomes more challenging from walking up a flight of stairs, staying injury-free, keeping chronic pain managed, and even losing weight. Strength serves a greater purpose.

Skilled strength work for my students have resulted in:

> A client resolving her year-long shoulder pain and was able to finally press overhead again with zero pain or discomfort

> Another client eliminated her knee pain with squatting activities & routinely started squatting with double kettlebells totaling over 50 pounds

> One client lost over 20 pounds and kept the weight off while training less than two hours per week at home with her bells

> Another client stopped experiencing chronic back pain during squats and deadlifts that other coaches couldn't figure out

> One client was able to do routine daily activities without feeling back pain anymore

> Another client decreased his dependence on pain medications from once every 4 hours to once every 20-24 hours

> One client was able to finally maintain her fitness consistently with bells after a history of "on/off" the wagon with her exercise

My body feels so different since we have worked together. It feels stronger, firmer, lighter, leaner, more flexible. I understand the mind-body connection, it finally clicked today. Thank you Jess... Deep bow, sincerely... My deepest gratitude!
— Mary R.
I joined The FemPro because I was really impressed by the amount of education & detail Jess puts into her programs. I’ve been working on rehabilitating my body from its scoliosis curvature, and she was fantastic about giving me exercises and making sure I was doing them correctly so that I can continue strengthening what I need to re-balance my body.

I feel I have a much better connection with my body, its movement, its messages, and I have taken the next step into making sure healthy movement and body balance is part of my lifestyle and not just a quick session at the gym.
— Tabitha J.
I learned so many things working with Jess! I am surprised actually. There are so many things I’ve never been shown before; posture, activating parts of my body I don’t think of, like toes, feet, ankles, and form when doing exercises. I am so aware now of my posture in my personal life and professionally with my massage clients. My core is stronger, my mind is clearer on what I need to do, and I feel way more smarter in my self-care. I would not just suggest it, I would say this is required for everyone. It is a shame this isn’t taught in school when we are young to avoid so much unnecessary damage.
— Tammy W.

Pursue your own strength.

Join risk-free for 30 days. If you track your training in the Trainerize software for the first month but you're still not satisfied, we'll cancel your account & refund your money.

Recurring billing of $50 will happen every 4 weeks. Cancel anytime right inside your account.


The woman behind The FemPro.

Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta, Sfg, is a strength & rehab professional with nearly eight years of experience supporting hundreds upon hundreds of individuals heal their body through strength & movement. From working with clients from 9 to over 99, she has repeatedly witnessed the body's incredible ability to adapt, strengthen & heal regardless of circumstance.

Jess has been working as an online coach for over three years with a specialization in serving women who want to prioritize their strength & improve their relationship to their body. Jess strongly believes that when a woman can fall in love with her body, she gains a deeper level of self-respect that is invaluable to how she presents herself in the world.

"Honor your body & it will honor you." 


Why master the bell?



When we take care of our body through self-care movement, feed it the right foods, manage our stress, and stay consistent, the only natural response is that our body will begin to release fat where it doesn't serve us & gain muscle where we need it most


Movement is healing. When we learn how to move well & move often, we reduce the risk of injuries significantly & can clean up pain that has plagued our lives for years. 


No more fixating on weight, food, or exercise in a frantic approach to control our body into something we deem more desirable. Instead, the bells encourage a healthy relationship to our body by staying present in the process & holding more patience for ourselves.


It's nearly impossible to describe the feeling of true, resilient strength until you've actually experienced it. But when you do, you can't imagine how you ever spent so long feeling weak.


More muscle, more food. Weight lifting does happy things for your metabolism, so you're able to eat more food (especially carbohydrates) while fueling muscle instead of fat.


Having incredible integrity towards strengthening & loving your body can improve our relationship to ourselves in a way that can't be faked or bought. The foundation of our Pursuit of Strength is always rooted in self-care & self-love.


Life is easier when you're strong, you move well, & you're resilient to the world's physical demands. You feel like you can "take on" more of life without the risk of throwing out your back or being totally exhausted. 


Prioritizing skilled strength & mobility work grants us an uncanny ability to become deeply present with our body. Feeling that intimate connection & confident within ourselves allows us to share that with our partner easily and freely. 


We look for the "minimal dose" effect. Your training will take you no more than three hours per week, from home. We aim to do the least amount possible for the best possible result.


There is immense pleasure that can be found through movement. When you learn to master the basics & master your body, movement becomes a natural source of pleasure.


Never played with bells?

No problem. We teach you step by step how to sequentially become a more proficient mover with your own bodyweight & the bells. The first four weeks are exclusively bodyweight, so you can master your movement unloaded before adding resistance. This pattern is one of the first you will master with the kettlebells, the elusive deadlift or "hinge pattern". This is an example of a foundational movement pattern that will improve your body's strength & function over time. 


Join risk-free for 30 days.

If you join The FemPro, track your training in Trainerize for the full 30 days and still aren't satisfied, we'll refund you for the month.

Recurring billing of $50 will be every 4 weeks. Cancel at anytime right inside your account.


No more:

> HIIT or high-impact workouts that leave you exhausted & banged up

> Going to the gym or paying for a gym membership you'll never use

> Exercising 5-6 days a week to see results

> Random workouts that don't actually help you progress

> Feeling like you have to push your limits every workout

> Getting bored with your training and becoming unmotivated

Instead, you will:

> Leave every session feeling productive but not completely spent

> Have the ability to practice virtually anywhere with only a couple bells

> Train with bells for only 2-3 hours per week at home

> Have science-based programming so you can objectively see progress week after week

> Start to see your training as a practice that you don't have to "ego" your way through anymore

> Stay naturally motivated & engaged by smart programming and visible results


I feel stronger and happier than I have in years. I don’t feel like my body is out of my control, and I feel comfortable in outfits that I wouldn’t have worn before entering. I am happy I took the chance and entered her program!
— Jessica D.

Join risk-free for 30 days.

If you join The FemPro, track your training in Trainerize for the full 30 days and still aren't satisfied, we'll refund you for the month.

Recurring billing of $50 will be every 4 weeks. Cancel at anytime right inside your account.


Not ready yet?

Try an intro into The FemPro Online Training with a beginner kettlebell workshop, no bells required. This will give you a taste of what kettlebell training feels like, and what it looks like to be coached online.

BONUS: If you buy the workshop at $33 and decide to join The FemPro Online Training within 15 days, we'll start your first month for only $17.