You indicated that The FemPro is divided into 5 phases that span over 12 months. Do I have to stay the entire year?

Nope! While it's recommended that you stay the full year to really get the most out of your experience & truly evolve, you can still get an incredible amount of value by sticking with a smaller commitment. If you choose to pay the month by month option, you have no obligation to stay long-term, no contracts, & can cancel anytime right inside your membership account (no phone or e-mail tag required!)

How is the content delivered?

Every week, you'll be dripped new "lessons" to build upon the last week. This will be in the form of your training manual, mindset videos + workbooks, & a featured FemPro Expert in areas of manifestation, sexual empowerment, money mastery, body acceptance, & more. Each week you're given two specific tasks, which will take 2-3 hours per week. If you want to play more, The FemPro has additional resources available such as mindset meditations, recipes, book recommendations, and even a shop to get your gear.

How are the workouts delivered, and what do I need to participate?

Workouts are delivered two different ways. First, you're provided with an exclusive FemPro training manual for at home (at least two kettlebells required) or in the gym to get your lift on at least three days per week. This manual gets continually updated to ensure progression in your strength, skills & abilities with a new set of workouts every 4 weeks. This manual starts at the very fundamental basics of learning how to squat, press, lift things off the ground, and more with just your bodyweight, and then moving into weighted movement safely. Every month is archived so you can start and move at your own pace.

Next, you're welcome to explore our "movement play" video database where you can add on "supplement" sessions to your weight lifting. These workout videos are less than 30 minutes long in areas of dance, yoga, bodyweight circuits, kettlebell circuits, movement therapy, and "feel good" movement sequences to help with posture, cranky hips, stiff necks, and more. In addition, you are welcome to 1-1 coaching services for a customized movement, mindset & nutritional practice.

How do you help me with my diet? 

While we don't prescribe meal plans or strict "food rules", we give you all of the tools necessary to work on the quality of your diet + your intuitive eating. In addition, we provide you with a variety of "Lazy Woman Status" recipes that can get a plate of healthy food in front of you in under 15 minute prep time. Who says healthy eating is time-consuming?

Who's in the community?

Only the most awesome chicks we've ever met! We encourage you to reach out your sisters as often as possible. Relationships are vital for being strong, healthy & powerful. Don't underestimate the power of support & community. We even have a separate database in The FemPro that enables you to find members in your area or on Facebook for dates & drinks (either virtual or otherwise!) You can join our free Facebook group HERE.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel yourself directly through the membership, no phone calls or e-mails necessary.

Do I have to be a woman to join?

While we absolutely love our men, this community is specifically for women.

What results should I expect?

Expect to be challenged appropriately every single month. Expect to experience growth, strength, power, pleasure, connection, & alignment. Expect to fall in love with the process of personal development in the context of health & wellness. Expect to fall in love with yourself, your body, & your spirit.