The FemPro

claim your body back.


I've got something to get off my chest (and maybe this will resonate with you, too).

I've been a personal trainer for nearly seven years, and the fitness industry has continued to disappoint me. Why? Because it hasn't been the best service it can be to YOU. We still struggle to make fitness a viable part of our lives. We still struggle to eat healthy regularly. We still struggle with our weight. And probably the worst, as women especially, we still struggle to feel happy, safe, strong, & confident in our bodies.

And that sucks, doesn't it? So I decided, that's it. I'm going to change this.

I'm going to give women what they really need. Not weight loss shakes. Not diet pills. Not "toning" workouts. Not more marketing that feeds off women's insecurities & shame about their bodies.

So, I spent many years specifically working with women all around the world to identify their biggest obstacles, desires, & needs to help them be the healthiest, strongest, most kick ass women you've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Through several for months of researching, planning & developing, I gave birth to exactly what they needed.


Enter The FemPro.

The FemPro is an online holistic health membership that delivers all the goods on empowering workouts, anti-diet nutritional guidance, self-love practices, & a supportive + loving community of badass women on a mission to become stronger, healthier, and  better versions of themselves.


Snag a seat in The FemPro for only $14.50/month. The 50% discount will be automatically applied at purchase, no coupon needed!

Recurring billing of $29/month will occur after your first four weeks unless you cancel your account in the membership portal. 


What are the benefits of joining the fempro?

> You'll stop having to fight your body to exercise all the time. You'll actually begin to fall in love with challenging your body & abilities regularly. After all, we thrive on movement. We just need to get you back to that zone.


> You will get physically stronger. Strength makes us feel capable, powerful & functional. It keeps our bones strong, our heart healthy, and our soft tissues resilient. In essence, strength is our foundation for everything else in life, and helps us age gracefully. Important, no?


> You will get leaner & healthier. If fat loss is your goal, we got you covered, but maybe not in the way that you're used to. We don't do the whole "crazy cardio workout" thing, or "let's cut out all of the food groups ever" thing, or the "let's diet you down to 1,200 calories" kind of thing. We make it sustainable. In fact, we call it "self-love fat loss", because it's working with your body instead of against it (like starving. Um, nope).

> You'll gain self-awareness about yourself & your body. Being curious about your actions, excuses, obstacles, & desires is an invaluable practice in self-awareness. When we ask ourselves the difficult questions and move through the things that have kept us stuck forever, that's when true breakthroughs manifest. Through a specific database for mind & soul work, you'll have everything you'll need to help you flourish emotionally, spiritually & mentally.


> You'll be supported by women who "get you". We know what it's like. We've been there. And we're here to support each other in those natural & expected ebbs and flows to our journey toward Our Best Self.


> You will be the woman you deserve to finally be. Let's face it: you deserve to be a strong, empowered, liberated, kick ass woman who stands up for herself, creates a life she loves, asks for what she needs, & loves herself unconditionally because she knows deep in her soul that she's worth it. Here in The FemPro, we help cultivate that woman.


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You know you wanna.

No coupon needed! Discount automatically applied.

After four weeks, recurring billing will begin at $29/month unless canceled before that date. Cancellation is simple & seamless right inside the database (no phone tag required).


Get your sexy butt in here. We're waiting for you.

50% off will be automatically applied, no coupon needed!

 Recurring billing will begin after four weeks for $29/month unless cancelled before that date (don't worry, you can cancel on your own with ease right inside the membership portal. No phone tag required).


As a FemPro, you get 24/7 access to all this divinity: 


Get strong, resilient & powerful with our exclusive FemPro training manual & a library of full-length workout videos.

We update your training program every month to keep you continually progressing.



Anti-diet nutritional advice with a database of healthy "Lazy Woman Status" recipes because we ain't slaves to the stove.

We like food here. Choose from dozens of recipes in the database, or snag a new one every other week.

Mind & Soul

Give your mind & soul some sugar with guided meditations, guest expert advice, journal activities, our fav mindset books, & more.  

We feature a FemPro Expert every month to help you in areas of love, work, body-acceptance, sex, & more.



A community that will make you feel supported like nobody’s biz. Because having people who “get you” is pretty damn awesome.

Each month, we feature a member doing amazing things. Plus, we give gifts & discounts generously, 'cause we love you.

Want access? Get on this exclusive deal.

No coupon code required! 50% automatically applied to first payment.

Recurring billing will begin four weeks later at $29/month unless cancelled before that date (don't worry, you can cancel on your own with ease right inside the membership portal. No phone tag required).