The nuts & bolts of The FemPro:


At Home Training Program

You'll have access to an easy to follow strength & mobility program that is crazy flexible for any busy schedule. This program will help you become a "Student of Body" as you learn how to improve joint health, increase your flexibility, and get stronger than you ever thought possible (from home!) The program is delivered through an intuitive app so you can take your training wherever you go.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

Every month, you'll be get a 1-1 video coaching session so you can get the private support & accountability you need to succeed. While most coaching sessions involve assistance with a particular movement pattern or working around an injury or pain, we can also use your session for nutritional or mindset support. 

Small Group Coaching Sessions

If you're struggling to get your training in, you can always get additional accountability & coaching through small group video coaching sessions (max of 5 people). These are offered twice a week for an additional charge, with a discount for FemPros.

Live Movement & Mindset Classes

Twice a month, we'll be doing a live class on a video conference on a wide variety of topics like how to decrease low back pain, how to improve your body love, how to naturally increase your energy, and more. You'll get a chance to vote on the topics each month so you're getting the exact resources & support you need throughout your journey. All classes are recorded & archived in your dashboard if you can't make them live.

Mindset Mastery Tools

We know that the body only goes where the mind allows it. In The FemPro, you'll have access to a variety of mindset tools to help you bust through blocks keeping you stuck. We focus on the "subconscious" in this area, the part of your brain that's making most of your decisions in daily life. 


By design, humans operate best in "packs". We're stronger together, without a doubt. Having a community of women moving towards the same goal, with the same struggles, is enormously refreshing when you've always felt like you've had to deal with this on your own. When shit gets tough, you know your FemPros are in your corner.


Apply to be a FemPro:

We're choosy about who we allow into The FemPro because we want to make sure every Fem is successful. If you're interested in applying for a limited position, please fill out the form below & we'll be in touch within 48hrs.