Here we lay the groundwork for self-sufficiency & self-motivation. While you’ll always have The FemPro at your side to guide & support you along your journey, being able to tap into your own intrinsic motivation will help you power through when the resistance gets heavy.


Week 1: Foundations I Training & Setting Intentions

Who are you & what are you here for? What pulled you to join The FemPro?

#1. Dive on into your movement practice. We start slow & gentle, with no weight, to build on your foundations for the first four weeks. NOTE: Check your email if you haven't already to create your Trainerize account. Going mobile? Download it as an app!


#2. What are your intentions with The FemPro? Fill out your initial assessment.

Week 2: Re-Writing Old Stories

Learn how much to eat, how to eat well, & download handy PDFs on all things food. 

#1. Re-write your narrative as you watch this video. Either use the document provided, or pull out your favorite notebook. We suggest keeping a record!


#2. Get into week 2 of your S&R Training. We're building on core & hip stability this week!

Week 3: Increasing Self-Motivation

What are you struggling with the MOST when it comes to staying dedicated to yourself? 

#1. Learn how to increase your self-motivation all right here. What are your biggest excuses?


#2. We're playing with kettlebells this week! Get your deadlift on (safely & efficiently). 

Week 4: Re-Programming the Subconscious Mind for Success

Grab a complimentary, full hour mindset call with Kayla!

#1. Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Kayla MacArthur, is getting down & dirty with some mindset techniques. This woman is incredible at what she does, & she's running a full Master Class for you on re-programming your subconscious beliefs for success.


#2. Are you still keeping up? How'd you do with your deadlifts last week? Remember, this program is self-paced, so feel free to repeat a week if need be. Just keep going.