Here we lay the groundwork for self-sufficiency & self-motivation. While you’ll always have The FemPro at your side to guide & support you along your journey, being able to tap into your own intrinsic motivation will help you power through when the resistance gets heavy.


Week 1: Foundations II Training & Setting Intentions

Did you check out any of the recipes? While this area is your "main course", you've got some appetizers on the side in The FemPro. Access your recipe database to take a look.

#1. Lemme see that squat. These next four weeks will review how to squat, clean & press with your bell.


#2. What's an intention you want to achieve with The FemPro this month? Keep yourself accountable. Share in the community.

Week 2: Recognizing Self-Sabotage

#1. Get your move on. We're going to continue developing your movement skills this week with your bell.


#2. Recognizing Self-Sabotage. This is a biggie that comes up in so many areas of our life. Grab the questions below & follow along with the video. 

Week 3: Honoring the Resistance

Where are you struggling with resistance? Share with us in the group.

#1. Are you training AND playing? Remember to get your movement play in, whatever way that may be!


#2. Learning to Honor the Resistance. Coming against resistance is common, if not expected. Learn how to move through that resistance with grace & compassion.

Week 4: Developing the Habit of Liking Yourself

Self-confidence matters. Learn how to build more confidence in all areas of your life.

#1. What does it even mean to like yourself? In this month's guest expert feature, we've got Confidence Coach, Danielle Radden, dishing on how to develop the habits of liking yourself in a way that's way less than work than you'd think. Get the whole spread here: 


#2. Almost finished! Your four weeks of Foundations II are almost complete! Celebrate!