"I can't believe how much of my day is spent agonizing over my body."

We've been marketed to believe that if we just lose some more weight, slim down that tummy, or lift our booty, then we'll undeniably fall in love with our body. 

But True Body Love doesn't come from just changing how you look.

It comes from deep within. A deep respect & unconditional love for ourselves to our very core. It comes from our intentions. It comes from self-integrity & commitment to our greatest self, because we are know we are worthy now. We know we are enough now.

Love is not a feeling. It is an act. True Body Love comes by consistently acting out of that place of love. 

By building her to be stronger, more resilient, more active. By fueling her generously with nourishing foods that pleasure us in both mind & body. By giving her enough rest when she's tired. By forgiving her. By speaking to her kindly, setting boundaries, understanding her more. By communicating to her with love everyday.

Give back to your body.