MONTH 3: sprouting i

This is the period where the novelty wears off, high expectations might not have been achieved, & we’re presented the option to step down or step up. Learn how to be intentional, disciplined, but compassionate all in the same.


Week 1: Skill & Strength I Training & Setting Intentions

Have you explored your movement play yet? Aim for 2-3 sessions or more per week.

#1. Time to own up on those skills. We'll now be implementing & practicing what you've learned in Foundations. Have fun! 


#2. What's an intention you want to achieve with The FemPro this month? Keep yourself accountable. Share in the community.

Week 2: Finding Clarity in Our Deepest Intentions & Desires

#1. Keep on with that training. Skills take time. Own them! 


#2. Finding Clarity in Our Deepest Intentions & Desires. If you've never done this practice before, you need to do this. Watch the video & hop into the prompts.

Week 3: Allowing Permission

#1. Almost done with this month of training! Get your swing on!


#2. Allowing Permission. Where do you constantly look for external validation or approval? 

Week 4: Using Self-Hypnosis to Heal Your Body & Mind

Healing is important. Working with a trusted professional is just as important. 

#1. Have you ever tried self-hypnosis? This month, I've got Tammy Workman, hypnotherapist & life coach, who takes us through a beautiful guided self-hypnosis to heal body & mind.


#2. Finish up your last week of training this month strong. Remember you're welcome to film yourself performing the movements & post it in the FB group!