MONTH 4: sprouting ii

This is the period where the novelty wears off, high expectations might not have been achieved, & we’re presented the option to step down or step up. Learn how to be intentional, disciplined, but compassionate all in the same.


Week 1: Skill & Strength II Training & Setting Intentions

Grab a 60 minute video movement coaching session at your FemPro discounted rate for $54. After your purchase, you will be re-directed to schedule your session. Technique is everything when it comes to your bells. Making sure you're dialed in with your lifts helps keep you safe, strong & efficient with your training. 

#1. Tired of these movements yet? Building our skills takes time, consistency & focus. We'll be mixing it up a bit next month!


#2. What's an intention you want to achieve with The FemPro this month? Keep yourself accountable. Share in the community.

Week 2: Releasing the Outcome

#1. Keep it up, FemPro. We're almost done with this month of skill & strength! A few more weeks left!


#2. Are you holding on too tightly to the outcome? In this week's mindset work, we work on detaching ourselves from the outcome & enjoying the process.

Week 3: Being Intentional & Staying Committed

#1. Move on. Hop in your training this week to keep acing your movement patterns.


#2. Being Intentional & Staying Committed. This week, we review your self-commitment and set some new goals moving forward.

Week 4: Learning How to Trust Your Intuition

Ashley puts out some incredible stuff in this group that definitely compliments the work you're doing here in The FemPro. I'm in!

#1. What is our intuition? Why is it important to follow it? And is there any science behind it? Our guest expert this month is an Intuitive Coach, Ashley Hogan, who is incredible at what she does. She'll be explaining how to listen & trust our intuition to help guide us towards our best self.


#2. Are you getting stronger? Almost finished up with your month of Strength & Skill II! You're doing awesome!