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I’ve been working on slimming down for the last few years to no avail. I work out and cut calories but I’d be lazy and hungry and discard all my hard work never accomplishing anything. I decided to hire Jess to help keep me accountable, but I got so much more. My workouts are task centered. They are now things I can check off my list! I’m challenged and realized I can do much more than I thought. I’m getting stronger. She also helpd me change my eating by increasing my protein. This has helped stabilize my appetite, feel better, and lose inches! In just 3 hours a week!
— Jodi A.
One of Jess’ core principles is that since we need to move our bodies daily anyway, there’s no reason that physical activity can’t be more fun and creative. This has made a big difference in my life. Now in my fifties, I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but don’t want to become obsessive about it. With Jess’ coaching, she provided me with a sustainable way to meet my fitness goals. She’d always give me creative new exercises, or push me to try old activities I used to love (like dancing!) So now I put on my favorite tunes and rock out. How fun is that? Jess is an invaluable coach!
— Karen M.
Jess is an excellent personal trainer who has developed a program that is unique to our health needs. Her online training program is wonderful and very user friendly, WE LOVE IT! My husband and I both train with Jess and highly recommend her as a personal trainer, nutritional advisor and physical therapist assistant. Her wealth of knowledge and experience are invaluable.
— Karen W.
Jess is amazing as an online trainer. She not only customized my workouts based on my skill & progress, but also tracked my eating & gave feedback on how to eat better to maximize my results. I lost weight and saw a change in how my body moved. She also reminded me how much I liked working out, especially now that I worked out with a plan.
— Jen R.
I’ve been working out with Jess for a couple of months now. I’m SO impressed at my progress and the fact that my back pain has actually decreased significantly because of our focus on increasing core strength! I highly recommend that you check out her services!
— Valerie S.
Jess worked with me when she was still in Colorado. She is extremely knowledgeable and taught me so much about how to be HEALTHY. Her program definitely helped me get a little leaner and more importantly gave me the strength to be healthy. She taught me to really think about my food and gave me exercise that I enjoyed and was able to see real improvement on. Top rate!
— Lauren P.
Over the years, Jess has personally trained me and helped me achieve several fitness goals. She is professional and on point — I would highly recommend her!
— David C.
Jess helped me reach my goal weight & gave me the right diet where I didn’t have to give up all the foods I love. With her, I know I am getting all the nutrition I need without being hungry all the time. I believe in everything Jess tells me because what she tells me works! I go to her whenever I’m unsure of anything with my program and she is always there to walk me through everything. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!
— Lisa M.
This girl is kick ass when it comes to health and fitness, and her ability to teach and guide you on your journey is priceless. She is willing to work with you and create a health regimen that will give you the best results. She’s pretty creative with her workouts (she may make you push your car!) but man is it a hell of a lot of fun!
— Ella J.
I started [her] program 3 months after I had my son. I’ve always been very active and like to stay fit, but the last few months of my pregnancy were difficult. When I decided to get back in shape, I felt like I was starting from scratch, with no clue how to rebuild my strength. Within just a couple weeks of following [her] program, I was able to see very clear results, and could lift and carry my son much more easily. I’ve kept at it, and now am back to running and keeping up with all the outdoor activities I’ve always enjoyed.
— Megan T.
Jess is not just your average trainer. She takes extra time to really find out about your health and your goals that you want to achieve. Then even after she creates a work out plan for you, she advises you and guides you through teaching you about nutrition. She is currently training my wife and I and we could not be happier.
— Chris B.

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