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Because we all want to feel good, right? We want to move well, we want to feel strong, we want to feel lean. We want to trust our bodies, & learn to read the subtle cues on when to challenge, and when to flow. We want to feel deeply connected to our bodies. We want our body to embody everything we cultivate on the inside: strength, grace, beauty. 

But our body doesn't always get the love it deserves.

We don't move her like we should, and our joints, tissues, & physique begin to disappoint us. We don't feed her like we should, and the bloat, weight gain, or low energy reminds us of this daily. We don't consistently work on cultivating that powerful relationship between mind & body through simply prioritizing ourselves, and our self-love diminishes rapidly.

Claim it back from a place of "giving" to yourself. 


the fempro accelerated [phase i]


PHASE I [4 weeks]

We're partnering up, ladies. In this first phase, you'll be given the movement, nutrition, & mindset tools within a small group of like-minded women just like you.

What results you can expect in Phase I:

- We'll be diving into some self-love mindset work. This is all about giving back to YOU, prioritizing YOU, nourishing YOU. We'll be building your self-love, self-confidence, self-respect, & self-care routine so we can get you healthier in mind, body & soul. We achieve this through weekly group mindset coaching.


- You'll be wholly supported. You're not just going to be dropped into a program & sent on your way solo. You've got the guidance & support of myself pulling you along, as well as the other members in the group. We achieve this through an engaged private Facebook group. 

- You'll get stronger (and start to fall in love with it). Strength is power, it's grace, it's confidence, it's defiant. And when we start to cultivate that physical strength, we inevitably build our mental strength as well. We achieve this through a training software that supplies you with your full-length workouts delivered by video + text description.


- You'll drop weight that isn't serving you anymore. When we start to re-connect with real food & our intuitive appetite, your body feels nourished & safe enough to release the physical weight. We achieve this through nutritional guidance & weekly check-ins. 

What are others saying?...

I’ve been working on slimming down for the last few years to no avail. I work out and cut calories but I’d be lazy and hungry and discard all my hard work never accomplishing anything. I decided to hire Jess to help keep me accountable, but I got so much more. My workouts are task centered. They are now things I can check off my list! I’m challenged and realized I can do much more than I thought. I’m getting stronger. She also helped me change my eating by increasing my protein. This has helped stabilize my appetite, feel better, and lose inches! In just 3 hours a week!
— Jodi A.

the fempro accelerated [phase iI]


PHASE II [4 weeks]

This month you'll be building upon your positive mindset shifts & training skills (including learning to play with a kettlebell!)

What results you can expect in Phase II:

- You'll take your physical strength & skill to the next level. With the introduction of kettlebells, you'll be learning how to deadlift, swing, squat, press, & clean safely and efficiently. We achieve this through bi-weekly video movement coaching sessions & having access to your full-length workouts.


- You'll start to feel connected to your body again. Prioritizing yourself regularly breeds a new relationship to your body & your self that is incredibly grounding & nourishing. Connecting the mind & body makes you feel like YOU again. We achieve this by holding you accountable to your self-care routine here in the program.

- You'll continue to move closer to Ideal Weight. Your Ideal Weight makes you feel good, makes you look good, is healthy for your organs & joints, and is relatively easy to maintain. It's a happy & effortless place to be. We achieve this by helping you eat more intuitively & incorporate more movement into your life that feels good.


- You'll continue to gain clarity on your biggest struggles. We continue to prioritize your mindset so you can become as emotionally strong as you are physically strong. We achieve this through bi-weekly video mindset coaching calls.

What are others saying?...

As a self-confidence and body image coach, writer and a body confident photographer, I really enjoyed working with Jess Mather in her online fitness training program and I really felt her body-healthy attitude aligned with not only what I wanted to achieve with my own body but aligns with what I am working on with my clients as well. I really appreciated how she kept in contact with me throughout the program and was checking in with my progress. Jess is not “one program fits all”! I would highly recommend Jess Mather as a trainer to anyone looking to make a positive change for a healthier body.
— Morgan A.

the fempro accelerated [phase iII]


PHASE III [4 weeks]

We'll be continuing to build upon your physical & emotional strength to bring you closer to a place of self-sufficiency and self-efficacy with your health and self-care.

What results you can expect in Phase III:

- You'll start to find your groove with this whole fitness & diet thing. One of the values I stand behind is teaching my clients self-efficacy. Everybody's version of that is different, so you'll start to find the one that is unique to you.


- You'll feel eons more comfortable in your body. Through movement & mindset, we can start to cultivate unapologetic self-love & a strong kinesthetic awareness with your body. Your body will feel all sorts of homey.

- The struggle is (not) real. You know that battle between mind & body that occurs when you know you should workout or eat well, but then you still don't? Yeah, you'll be broken up with that struggle. We're gonna seriously streamline that part of your life.


- You'll be more productive (aka kick more ass in your business). Can you imagine how much mental energy can be sparred now that you've got your diet & exercise dialed in? Not to mention that your physical energy will be improved as well. Holla, Boss Lady.

What are others saying?...

Being a part of Jess’ coaching has been life-changing for me. Prior to starting with her, my diet was terrible, I hardly ever exercised, and my self-esteem was incredibly low. Jess encouraged me to make a major change in my diet, and her training program got me in better shape than I’ve been in years. She’s helped me work on my mindset to understand why fitness programs haven’t worked for me in the past. She really cares about all aspects of her client’s health and fitness, and her belief in me has given me so much confidence. I cannot recommend her coaching enough.
— Rebecca T.

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