the fempro accelerated [weeks 1-4]

Combining movement, nutrition, & mindset to cultivate a physically & emotionally stronger you.


MOVEMENT: Got 30 minutes? Most of our circuits over the next four weeks will be under 30 minutes a pop, no equipment. You should have received an email welcoming you into Trainerize, your training software. You can login below.


NUTRITION: We're bringing awareness to our food this week. You should have received an email welcoming you into Fat Secret, a food tracker. I want you record at least 3+ days of "normal" eating so we can bring some awareness to what's on our plate.


MINDSET: Examining Our Self-Worth. This week, we're taking a deep dive into our self-worth. Do you own your worth? Do you struggle with self-worth? This is a crucial initial piece.

Week 2: Planting the Seed

#1. Get into Your Nutritional Framework & Choose Your Nutritional Goals. Whether you decide to do the Whole30 strict for the next several weeks or not, I still suggest choosing your 3 nutritional goals to play out this week. Identify them below.

#2: Access Week 2 of Your Training. Login to your personalized Trainerize account to gain access. We'll be doing timed, bodyweight exercises four days a week.

#3. Mindset Work: Recognizing Self-Sabotage. Show up live this week for check-ins & mindset work on uncovering our self-sabotage. Time slots are either Monday 6:30PM EST or Wednesday at 7PM EST. Below is the link to access the call at the appointed time.

Week 3: Nourishing to Sprout

#1. Movement Play & Training. Remember you're required to do some "movement play" on your off days as well!

#2. What Are Your Nutritional Goals This Week? Did you ace all of your nutritional goals last week? If so, set your new ones moving forward.

#3. Mindset Work: Honoring the Resistance. Coming up against resistance is typical. This week we'll be talking all about honoring that flow. Meet us 6:30PM EST Monday or 7:00PM EST Wednesday!

#4. REQUIRED: Setup a 1-1 Call This Week! This is one of your conditions so I can get some feedback & I can make sure you got what you were looking for!


#1. How Has Your Nutrition Been? How steady have you been with your nutritional goals? Set new goals here moving into week 4.

#2. Get Into Your Training. We're continuing to build on your skills & strength here! 

#3. REQUIRED: Did You Submit Your Video Testimonial Yet? Did you receive value during this month? Please share! You can submit your video to me via FB messenger or by email at

#4. Being Intentional & Staying Committed. I'm looking out for your best interest for the long haul. Are you committed to yourself? Meetings are held 6:30PM EST on Mondays or 7:00PM EST on Wednesdays.