About The FemPro.

The FemPro is a rebellious, fierce community of women who stand against conventional and destructive health advice geared toward women.

Instead, we strive to deliver high-quality, evidence-based health & wellness content that support a healthy body, mind & soul for the modern woman.


We rebel against the deep-rooted constraints that our self-worth is tied to the way we look. We rebel against solely prioritizing our fitness just to be smaller versions of ourselves. We want to be stronger, healthier, more powerful & fierce versions of ourselves. We rebel against conforming into what society tells us we need to look like in order to be loved and accepted. We're re-defining our relationship to fitness, health and nutrition to one that is supportive, empowering & nourishing. And at our core, we are fun, loving, inspiring, and strong women who understand the importance of prioritizing ourselves in the best way possible.

We are FemPros.

The Woman Behind it All.

Jess Mather, Cpt, Lpta.

6 years in rehab
8 years in fitness
27 years of kicking ass

Jess Mather is a fitness & rehab specialist with a mission to build and support an inspiring community of strong, healthy, & empowered women. After owner & operating Indulgent Fitness as a local & online fitness coach since 2014, she decided to expand her endeavors to create one rockin' tribe of health-conscious feminist badasses.