Week 1: Training & Intentions.

You'll be supplied with a whole month of new workouts, and given the opportunity to set your new monthly intention to share with the community. This keeps us grounded & focused every month.

Weeks 2 & 3: Mindset Work.

We dive into our mindset work for two weeks to address topics like Improving Your Self-Motivation, Learning How to Be More Intentional, Finding Pleasure in Movement, & more. 

Week 4: FemPro Guest Expert.

We've got manifestation coaches, sexual empowerment coaches, love coaches, & more. Topics include things like "Re-Programming the Subconscious Mind for Success" & "Emotional Eating: It's Not About the Food." 

Plus Bonuses!

Because we love our FemPros, we sneak in bonuses like guided mindset meditations, full-length "Movement Play" videos, stupidly easy & fast healthy recipes, and we even give out "Femdallions" to The FemPros kicking ass to redeem for tangible gifts (and who doesn't like gifts?) 

Only $39/month, cancel anytime.