Consider these workshops a powerful hit of personal growth in strength & movement. All of these workshops were delivered live with an interactive coaching portion at the end. Once purchased, you will have immediate & lifetime access to the recordings. 

Stop your slouch: how to actually improve your posture

This 1hr workshop provides a unique perspective on how to stop the posture struggle with actionable steps.


The Anti-Diet: Finding Food Freedom

This 1hr workshop delves into mastering "intuitive eating" to release the guilt, shame, or fixation we may have with food.

Feminine Strength: Unlocking Sexual Energy Through strength training

This 2hr workshop dives into what it means to be a strong & sexual woman who feels safe in her body.


kettlebell queens: mastering the fundamentals for a strong body

This 1hr workshop covers "skilled strength" & other vital components to get the most out of your KB practice.